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templates won't open

I have recently purchased bikecadpro and none of the templates will open, what am I doing wrong

Opening Templates

Thank you very much for purchasing BikeCAD Pro. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I trust you are trying to use the templates as described at: bikecad.ca/templates_in_bikecadpro.

BikeCAD Pro comes with a few pre-created templates. However, they are there mostly for demonstration purposes. It is generally expected that the most useful templates will be ones you create yourself. Having said that, the templates that are included in BikeCAD Pro are still supposed to work.

After selecting the desired template from the sub-menu in the File >> Open template menu, be aware that you must click the "Open template" button below that selected template before anything will happen.

I'm not sure if I've addressed your issue or not. If this continues to be a problem, please describe what happens when you attempt to open specific templates.

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