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Dropout view in the additional Stay-view

Hello together

Until now I have created my chainstays in a separate cad, because I could not manage to transfer the dropouts to the additional chainstay view in BikeCad. It is ingenious how you can add the dropouts (I use paragon dropouts) in the normal view via static drawing. But since I need to know the exact location and angle for the slot of my struts, I would need the static drawing of the dropouts also in the additional strut view. Is this already possible, have I overlooked something? Or if not, would that be possible in the future?

Thank you very much for your help!

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3D view of dropouts

Because the auxiliary view can slice through the rear dropout at a range of angles depending on the angle of the stays, it is impossible to display an accurate cross-sectional view of the dropouts at any given angle without taking that data from a 3D solid model. Since BikeCAD was never devised to do this sort of operation, the view of the dropouts in the auxiliary view is only crudely rendered. In order to render the model in more detail, I am developing an export to FreeCAD option for the next update of BikeCAD. FreeCAD is a free 3D CAD program that will allow you to further manipulate and examine your designs. FreeCAD can also export STEP files which could then be read into any other 3D CAD program. Here is a sample of a BikeCAD model read into FreeCAD. Although this feature is not yet available, I am already able to do this at my end, so I can email you this sort of model if you send me your BCAD file.

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