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Converting Windows bikecad files to work on mac

Ive been working on bike cad for a while on my old windows pc and have loads of files i need to keep. Ive just had to upgrade to a mac but i cant open any of my old windows files on the new mac. I can see the bike cad files when i look in my documents but the files dont show up once ive started bikecad. I cant find anything on the forums or help page. Dose anyone know how to convert the files? 

Opening Windows files on a Mac

I'm glad to hear you've managed to copy your old BCAD files over from your PC to your Mac. There is no difference between BCAD files generated on a PC vs BCAD files generated on a Mac. I would assume the reason you can't see the BCAD files in BikeCAD is that you haven't navigated to the folder containing those files. When you select File >> Open design from BCAD file, the File Open dialog box will launch and you'll need to use that to navigate through to your documents folder. While this should work on any Mac, I have heard that for some Mac users the icon necessary to change to a new directory is absent when using the default Mac Look and Feel. If this has happened in your setup, you should be able to resolve it by switching from the default Mac Look and Feel to the Metal Look and Feel. For more, see: bikecad.ca/look_and_feel.

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