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Chain stay/seat stay not automatically connecting to Drop outs

I entered my Breeze style dropouts from Nova Cycle Supply by selecting Custom; defined by parameters; hooded. Then I entered the dimentions and it appears the CS and SS aren't automaticallly adjusting. Why not? Im sure its just me. 

Stay end attachment points

You've chosen the custom option. Being able to choose exactly where the stays attach is meant to be one of the advantages of the custom option. In case you are not aware, the Sx, Sy, Sz, Cx, Cy and Cz fields are where you input the end points for the stays in X, Y and Z coordinates from the rear axle.

If you choose a dropout from a static drawing, BikeCAD will automatically set the end points of the stays to something that is reasonable. However, unless those dropouts are socket style dropouts, you should still feel free to adjust the location of the end points. With plate style dropouts, you'll typically slot the stays and insert the dropout into the slot, but that slot can be cut to various depths. Similarly, with hooded dropouts you can attach the stays at various points around the circumference of the hood. This is shown below:

Stay ends
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