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Cannot export pictures after update


I have updated from BikeCAD Pro 16 to version 17 sooner this week, and I realise I cannot export pictures (bmp, jpg, png) or pdf anymore. I can select the output folder and filename, click "save", but no file is created. In the case of pdf export, the problem log shows up with this error: SVG2PDF Error 1 java.io.FileNotFoundException "path_to_file": access not permitted

I can export to FreeCAD in the same folder with no problem, and SVG files as well.

I tryed running as an administrator but same issue.

Dis someone had the same problem?



Exporting pictures

Sorry. This is a bug in version 17.0. I'll be releasing a corrected version called 17.1 soon.

Exporting pictures

Thank you for your answer, I'll be patient!


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