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Seat stay placement on top tube


I'm running into a strange behavior. Not a big deal but I can't seem to get rid of it by changing any of the obvious inputs.  Unsure if this is a bug or if I'm just doing it wrong. 

Basically, when I try to attach the seat stays to the top tube I get an illustration that looks similar to what happens when you try to an "impossible" curve in a tube. See photos attached.

The Z axis changes by 1mm in the photos. I dont really mind visual noise. I'm just unsure how to interpret what I'm seeing and am unsure if I'm just messing something up.




Seat stays parallel to top tube

BikeCAD is not optimised for modeling this sort of seat stay attachment. It has an easier time with stays that approach the connecting tube at some angle. however it was slightly improved in version 17. What version are you using here? Could you send me a copy of the BCAD file in question, so I can have a look? You might also find that even though the stays look kind of messy in this view, the model exported to FreeCAD could still turn out well.


Hey Brent,

Hey Brent,

Before I send you down a path I'll check this out in V17 (I'm on 16.x). 


Thanks as always.


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