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17.1, config folder not updating from 15

Hi, Brent - I was just noticing that when I updated from v15 to v17.1 (thanks!) my custom configurations from v15 did not carry over, as they have during previous updates. Version 15 config folder is still intact, and I can run v15. I'm running OS X Big Sur.  (I searched Forum to see if this Q had been previously addressed). Thanks as always, JF

Updating BikeCAD Pro

BikeCAD is not meant to automatically move configurations settings from older versions to newer versions. There is a way to do this and I've got a couple videos to discuss this. The first is at: bikecad.ca/updating_bikecad_pro. Some will find this a pretty straight forward process. Others might find it a daunting task involving steps that don't necessarily apply to their particular situation. For those, I've got a second video explaining that if you have not done a ton of customization of your copy of BikeCAD, you can get away with a much simpler approach described here: bikecad.ca/updating_bikecad_pro_simply.

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