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Accurately modelling dropper posts

A short customer wants to run a 175mm dropper in the hardtail I'm building for him. I want to accurately model the dropper post to make sure the seat tube length and bend in the seat tube can accommodate such a long post.


What does value A refer to in the dropper post dialogue? I assume it's to adjust the distance from center of rails to the top of the dropper's stroke. But I can change that number to anything and it doesn't affect the drawing.


It'd be nice to be able to accurately define the distance from the center of the rails to the top of the seatpost collar.

Modelling dropper posts

Dimension A in the seatpost dialog box would apply to any seatpost with setback. Dimension A defines how far down from the seatpost clamp you have to go before reaching the straight section of the post.

Seatpost dimension A

Most dropper posts have no setback, so that's why dimension A might not appear to be doing anything.

Note that the second last dimension in the Seatpost tab of the Dimensions dialog box is "Length of seatpost exposed".

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