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Working with FreeCAD

I have made myself familiair with FreeCAD/PartDesign/Sketcher.

I know about Bodies, AxleCrosses, Pads, Sketches, DatumPlanes, etc.

I know how to activate a Body. But I do not see any Bodies in the Model Tree of a Bike design which I exported from BikeCAD.

I wanted to create a DatumPlane in the front fork. And turn the front wheel independent from the other parts of the bike. In order to get a better understanding of the steering behaviour of the bike.

Do I have to install another WorkBench, like Assembly ?

Revolving a fork in FreeCAD

I don't have a great response to this question as I have not tried to do this yet. However, I suspect there are likely a number of possible approaches you could take. If you send me your FreeCAD model, I can investigate options at my end.

Working with FreeCAD

  On second thoughts, I think I do not have to export a BikeCAD design to FreeCAD.I have found a way to study the steering behaviour of my bikedesign, in a theoretical model. I have build my model in FreeCAD/PartDesign.The model does not look like a bike.But it has a variable Wheelbase, HeadTube (angle), ForkRake, WheelDiameter.The model of the bike is build up out of four sketches.Every sketch has got its own Body.
I have always wanted to know what happens with the stability of my bike when I interfere with the natural rotation of the front fork, while cycling.
For instance, when the center of gravity of the luggage is not in line with the Fork Tube.I am going to use this model to find a better placement for the luggage on the Front Fork. ...... I will send you my FCStd file by email.......   

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