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Paragon Flanged Dropouts

Hi All, 

Not sure if this is addressed in a thread.

Just looking to find out how to recreate the Paragon flanged dropouts:


The specs are here.


I figured it out. New

I figured it out. New question is how do you get the mitre templates to include the dropout side of the CS and SS.


Paragon DR0012

I trust you found the Paragon DR0012 dropouts in the menu of static drawings built into BikeCAD. This is discussed at: bikecad.ca/dropouts_from_static_drawings. Unfortunately, the miter templates don't currently account for the dropout end of the stays. Importing the model into FreeCAD could be useful as the stays there will be mitered as required.

Thanks Brent. I was able to

Thanks Brent. I was able to locate the dropouts via that link you shared. I will import into FreeCad. Thanks. 

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