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Changing relative measurement and direction of bottle cages

How (or can) the reference point for measuring the position of watter bottle drillings (to be used for a direct mount top tube bag in this case) be changed to reference the headtube delta instead of from the seat post?  Similarly, when a cage is positioned, can it's direction be reversed (eg to "point" in the other direction for instance for the top of the bottle to be positioned facing the seat tube or vice versa when there's the bottle cage on the top of the top tube.

Changing direction of bottle cage

There is currently no super elegant way to dimension the bottle cage to the other end of the tube, or change the direction of the cage.

However, any dimension that is not readily available in the dimensions dialog box can be created as a user dimension.

In order to flip the direction of a bottle cage on a tube, you can sometimes remove the tube and replace it with an extra tube. The key here is that extra tubes can run between almost any combination of other tubes. You can create an extra tube from the seat tube to the down tube and the bottle cage on that tube will face one way. If you switch the tube in this example so it runs from the down tube to the seat tube, then the bottle cage on that tube will face the opposite direction. It will also be dimensioned from the other end. Unfortunately, this trick won't work for replacing the top tube, because the head tube can only be selected as the second tube in defining an extra tube not the first as you'd need it to be in order to flip the direction of the bottle cage.

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