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Saddle on seatstay

Does anyone know how to change the Saddle to mount on the seststays?

Hand draw n a sample, let me know if that's a Pro only feature.

Mounting seatpost to seat stays

It never occurred to me that anyone would want to mount their saddle to their seat stays. So this is not a feature of BikeCAD Pro. However, I've just attempted to replicate your design by bending the seat tube as shown below. You can see this BikeCAD model here.


Thanks Brent, I'll try that as a way to get the frame geometry measurements.

Looking at this as a way to add an element of suspension to my gravel bike. The dual stays would have more lateral stability while still flexing. And the rotation would be slightly forward, as opposed to a flexing traditional seatpost that rotates the saddle nose up into your sensitive areas :)

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