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steerer tube length

An additional dimension of steerer tube length to bottom edge of crown would be nice. Something like the "minimum length" dimension available for the main tubes. -G

Steerer tube length

Below are the two dimensions that currently relate to steerer tube length in BikeCAD. I've also added a new one to the next update. The new dimension is tentatively labeled Top of stem to bottom of crown. Is this what you're looking for? There is still time to add other dimensions to the next update, so let me know if anything else is needed.

oops! yes... that's it... i

oops! yes... that's it... i hunted around but didn't find that... thanks!

ha! I was figuring it was in

ha! I was figuring it was in there somewhere and I was missing it... but just looked again... i see now that it will be in the update after 19... yes, that's what i was looking for. The math is easy enough, but it will be helpful to me to have it visible so I don't forget to account for that little extra length needed. Thanks Brent

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