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Rear wheel dish

I am in the process of designing an asymetrical frame that will require the rear wheel to be dished to the NDS. In the wheel settings "Offset in drive direction" appears to shift the chainstay angle laterally. When I alter G or H nothing seems to happen in the chainstay or seatstay view. Is there a way to change the rear wheel dish that I am not seeing? Can this be displayed in the chaninstay and seatstay view?

Rear wheel dish

BikeCAD allows for rear wheel dish, but only in the way that it is conventionally used. Often, the drive and non-drive side flanges on the rear hub will be asymmetrically offset from the center of the hub. The drive side flange will be closer to the center of the hub to make room for the cassette. BikeCAD accounts for this dishing in its spoke length calculations. Besides changing spoke lengths, BikeCAD doesn't show any other changes as dishing dimensions G and H are changed. This is because BikeCAD only shows the hub from the side view, so there is no way to see the flanges sliding in and out with changes in G and H.

Is there any way to move the

Is there any way to move the rear wheel outside of the plane parallel to the front wheel, seat tube, and head tube? If this is not possible I would like to calculate the overlap between the tire and chainstay. When I attempt to start a linear dimension I feel hampered by the size of the arrows in finding an accurate representation. Is it possible to reduce the size of these arrows? 

Positioning rear wheel offset from the plane of the bike

This scenario has not been accounted for. However, if you want to offset the rear wheel by a set amount in the direction of, let's say, the non-drive side, you could simply increase the tire width by double this amount and you'll be able to examine how such an offset would impact the non-drive side stays. You'd have to have a second model with a similarly strategically modified tire width to account for the drive side. Another thing to consider is you could export your model to FreeCAD and then offset the rear wheel in FreeCAD.

As for dimension arrows, this is explained below starting at the 2:37 mark:

Thank you

I like the idea and I think it will work just fine.

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