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V19.0 strange behavior on Mac

Hey Brent,


I'm occasionally running into an issue where I'll try to enter new dims in a box and only 1 digit will populate (e.g. I was just trying to update reach from 530 --> 550) and only the last diget (0) would enter. If I clear out all the digits (via delete/backspace) things seem to reset and I can continue on for a time. I can't seem to trace it to any specific operation/behaviour.  Only seems to happen on my mac. Happens on old files and new ones. Happens in various menus (e.g. fork, main dims, wheels, etc)




2017 13" MBP.

OS: Ventura (13)

Dimension input on MacOS Ventura

Thanks for letting me know. I'm also running MacOC Ventura 13.1 and I can't replicate this issue. I hope others will chime in if they have experienced any troubles.

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