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Can't set curved seat tube S1 to zero.

I'm designing a frame with curved seat tube.

The setting is 1 curve using method 2. But don't know why the minimum S1 i can set is 4.1mm. My aim is a curved seat tube with zero S1. 

Everytime I set the number below 4.1mm, it just got stuck, cannot progress. When I try to save the file in this stage, it got stuck too or, more worse, the file got corrupt and can't be open anymore!

Do anybody encountered the same issue?

Is that any setting I've got wrong? Is the S1 has a minimum limited value??

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

S1 set to zero

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. There has been no deliberate attempt to enforce a minimum value for S1. Although I haven't figured out why the seat tube cannont have S1 set to zero, I've noted that you can set S1 to zero for the top tube or down tube. I was also able to set S1 to zero on the seat tube if I set the seat tube offset to 40mm. You've got me intrigued, so I want to get to the bottom of this. However, I also wonder why this would be needed. If the seat tube is going to attach to the BB shell, the straight section represented by a 4mm value for S1 is going to be entirely chopped off anyway.

Thanks for the prompt respond

Thanks for the prompt respond. Seems like I have reached a mystery area of bikecad :D.  What I'm doing is to try to convert a cad drawing(which belong to the bike which I own) into bikecad so as I could make different evaluation and/or simulation through bikecad.  The cad drawing I've got has a zero S1. This is the only area that I cannot fulfil.

Hi there!

Hi there!

Is there any updated about this case?

S1 on seat tube set to zero

Sorry. I have not resolved it, but thanks for the reminder.

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