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wheel or not ?

I know that this question has been asked many times. But I forgot how to keep the wheels from being printed when I print out the bike frame. Is it a procedure or just a box I have to check when I output the design to the PDF file?

Thanks' Mike Frye A.K.A. Frye Bikes

Printing a drawing with wheels removed

In the top left corner of the Wheels dialog box, you'll find an eyeball icon. Toggle that icon so the wheels are not shown.

Before printing your drawing, it is recommended that you turn on the title block and adjust the free space around the frame. This is described at: bikecad.ca/fitting_the_titleblock.

Another concept that ties in with this is templates. To make a drawing that focuses on the frame and fork alone, you can open a template that will show only those items. To do that, select File >> Open template >> Display >> Frame and fork >> Open template. Then, to turn on your title block and have the free space around the frame suited to highlighting the frame, select File >> Open template >> Title block >> tight fit >> Open template.

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