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Printing 1:1 scale

I am not on pro yet, but wondering does the pro version allow for printing a full scale 1:1 drawing? If so, how much can one edit by adding box area and drawing notes/ callouts are allowed? My application is to use as a template on a flat jig with clear instructions on where to place jig for students/first time frame builders. Thanks!

Printing 1:1 scale

Yes, you can print a 1:1 scale drawing from BikeCAD Pro. As you can imagine, a full scale drawing of the entire bike including wheels and other components could be so large that it may be hard to find a large enough printer to plot such a drawing. Therefore, it is recommended when printing full scale drawings that you turn off the display of the wheels and focus the drawing on the frame alone. There are some notes about this at: bikecad.ca/fitting_the_titleblock.

Meanwhile, the current version of BikeCAD Pro only allows for 10 on-screen notes plus more notes in the title block. That restriction has been lifted in the next update of BikeCAD Pro where you can add as many on-screen notes as you need.

The next update of BikeCAD Pro should be ready soon. All owners of the program receive the latest version at no extra cost.

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