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unable to start bikecad quickstart

Hi Can someone help with a fix for getting bikecad free user started. I have the latest Java and running windows 7. I click on the Quick start and all that happens is i get the loading message but nothing starts or loads Can anyone help??


Launching BikeCAD

Seeing the animated crank is a good sign. Typically that crank will disappear and the applet area will be white for a period of time as the applet continues to load. I have heard reports of it taking up to 10 minutes to load (although this is certainly not typical). I would recommend giving it more time as it would appear that everything is working as it should.

If you like, you could turn on your Java console which will provide updates as various required resources are loading. There are instructions on enabling the Java console on a PC at: java.com/en/download/help/javaconsole.xml.

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