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9.0 Running Very Sluggish

Don't know why, it has run great up until now. Java is current and I've restarted the program and PC with no change. Probably something simple that I am over looking. Thanks

Speeding up BikeCAD

With each new version of BikeCAD my goal is usually to make the program run faster and more efficiently than before. In version 9.0 the option to model a chain can have the effect of slowing things down. However, if you turn off the display of both the chain and the derailleur, then they will have no effect on the speed of BikeCAD. Therefore, I do recommend that when performing tasks that do not require the display of the chain that you leave it turned off.

The only other thing I can think of that may slow things down a bit is the accidental use of the snapshot tool.

Thanks Brent, that did it! I

Thanks Brent, that did it! I've already learned the lesson on the accidental use of the snapshot tool. Thanks again.

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