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BIKECAD running super slow all of the sudden

It's been working great for me the past two days then all of the sudden this morning it went from fast to pain stakingly slow..... why?


I've been using the same computer and internet connection the entire time

Showing a long chain on BikeCAD

I used my administrative privilege to have a look at your latest model.  Because your design has such long chain stays, an extremely long length of chain would be required.  95 inches in your case.

When the option to show the chain was introduced in BikeCAD version 9.0, I was aware that displaying the chain could cause things to run a little slower.  Therefore, I generally suggest leaving the display of the chain and derailleur turned off when performing most operations in BikeCAD.

I've only more recently become aware that showing unconventionally long lengths of chain can dramatically slow down the program.  Although you hadn't turned on the display of the chain, you had turned on the display of the derailleur which unfortunately, due to its relationship with the chain, will also slow things down.

I modified your latest model and turned off the display of the derailleur.  This made things run a lot quicker.  You'll find the updated model in your My Designs section.

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