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Crankset specifications dialog

I noticed the newest version has several crankset specs under the 'Standard' dropbox.  I have a couple of questions I hope someone can help me answer...

1) the specs online i get from SRAM show a different Q-factor for their XX cranks.  In BikeCAD it says 140, but on the XX spec sheet it says they offer a 156 and a 166 version for the GXP BB.  I can change it manually but wondering if I'm missing something here? This relates to the next question too.

2) The spec sheets from SRAM and Shimano offer a lot of XY measurements of the chainrings from BB center that BikeCAD doesn't seem to incorporate -- as far as I can tell.  Is there a way to input these XY dimensions to model the crankset in detail so to minimize conflict with the chainwheel and the chainstay? 

For example, PVD has posted the Shimano specs on his Wiki:


Is there a place in BikeCAD to enter these variables to model the Crankset like this?

Crankset dialog box

You are right.  BikeCAD version 9.16 includes several standard cranks as well as standard saddles, wheels and pedals.

This has been a common request for a long time.  While I could have gathered this information myself and put together catalogs of standard parts accessible within BikeCAD, I knew this would be a big job if I were going to be thorough about it.

Since anyone can save their own standard component in BikeCAD Pro, it had always been my hope that this challenge of assembling a comprehensive library of parts could be done collaboratively.  I set up a section of the forum to invite contributions and a few components have trickled in.  Unfortunately, I can't guarantee the accuracy of every contributed part.  In the case of the cranks, I believe that the dimensions in the auxiliary view were not considered by the contributor.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention though.  Hopefully, over time, the library of standard parts will grow in number and improve in accuracy.

While you cannot directly input XY measurements relative to the center of the BB, you can display them as shown below.  Once you've got those dimensions shown, it's relatively easy to make your model match manufacturers specs.


That's great to know you can display those values, I didn't realize that and it will be very helpful in figuring out clearances with the chainstays!

I'll definitely double check the standard values now and try to contribute when I can in that forum. It's a great idea and would be very nice not to have to go at it alone.


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