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couple of view suggestions

Awesome program so far.  A couple of things:  I think a blueprint mode with regards to the display would be helpful. Kind of like the printouts I get from Guru when I send in coordinates for a custom frame


Also a way perhaps to download digitized images of stock frames with geometric coordinates and view with varying seatpost/setback positions and different stem/spacer combos.  For example, I might want to compare what two sizes of Pinarello Dogma frames with the same saddle position and handlebar position to look at the amount of seatpost showing on each successive sample.

View suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions.  You should find that BikeCAD Pro already offers what you're looking for.  In BikeCAD Pro you'll have access to all the dimensions in the Dimensions dialog box.  If turning off the paint would help highlight those dimensions, you can do that with the Display modes menu.  You can set up different arrangements of dimensions and apply them to new designs using Dimension templates as described at: bikecad.ca/templates_in_bikecadpro.

You can compare different designs, or the same design with different seatposts, stems or spacers using the Snapshot tool.

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