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Is there a way to display wheel flop on the drawing itself?

Hi Brent.

Long time user, first time poster. . . does that make sense? 

Anywho, the subject line poses my question nicely.  I understand that it is in the .CSV output, but is there a way to display it onto the working screen?  i have searched the forum and the internet and have not been able to figure out how to do it, or if it is even possible.

Thanks for your help and for putting out a great product.


Wheel flop

You are correct that wheel flop is currently only presented in the CSV output file. You could include it in the drawing by typing the value into an on-screen note. Of course, to do that, you'd first have to export a CSV file and read that file to know what value of wheel flop you have. If you type that value into your note, you should be aware that the value you type in would not be parametric. This means if you change your frame design resulting in a new value for wheel flop, the number you typed into your note earlier would no longer be accurate.

As I write all this, I'm seeing the value in just making wheel flop available as a regular dimension in the drawing. But still, I'm not sure what would be the best way to show this number. Wheel flop is defined as follows: wheel flop = Trail * sin(head angle) * cos(head angle). Although wheel flop is expressed in millimeters, I don't think of it as something to be shown in the form of a linear dimension. If I were to show it as such, I'm not sure where I'd have the dimension start and end.

Do you have any thoughts?

Wheel flop.

Wheel flop is the vertical distance from the ground to the intersection of the steering axis and the mechanical/perpendicular trail measurement.



For me, there is already a lot of information on the bike istelf and wheel flop isn't necessarily something I need to see in relation to the bicycle, but rather something I would like to know without having to export a .CSV, and that this would change in real-time with alterations in the design (would the proper term for this then be parametric?) would be that much better!

While Tuesday has offered a way to display the dimension in the drawing, I would like to see an area on the drawing (upper right of the screen?) that the user can choose to see or not see, with data that does not point to the bicycle itself.  Perhaps in the toolbar there can be another button for a dialogue box that has various other elements that would be important for the designer to see, their presentation on the drawing dependent on the ticking, or unticking, of a square within this dialogue box.  I imagine this is all dependent on wheel flop being a variable that is constantly calculated, and not just calculated when the .CSV is exported.


Displaying Wheel Flop

Tuesday! Thanks for the great explanation of Wheel flop and its relation to Trail and Mechanical Trail.  Since BikeCAD Pro already displays both Trail and Mechanical Trail, I've added a Wheel flop dimension in the next update of BikeCAD Pro.  I've located it as per Tuesday's recommendation.

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