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Toe Overlap


I was hoping someone could help me determine whether this design: http://www.bikecad.ca/1369268848034 will experience any toe overlap.  Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Pro.  The shoe size is 45.  Thanks, in anticipation.



Toe overlap

This is the result I get.  Be aware that the default shoes are meant to represent fairly minimalist road shoes.  The length of the size 45 shoe is 293mm.  If you anticipate a more bulky shoe being worn, you'll want to account for that by selecting a larger shoe size in BikeCAD.  Also, the CLTX dimension in BikeCAD can be tweaked to accurately represent the cleat placement on your particular shoe.  In this example, we're anticipating a horizontal measurement of 98mm from the pedal spindle to the front edge of the shoe.  Also be aware that you have modeled 165mm long cranks.  The use of longer cranks would obviously present a greater possibility for toe overlap.

The thing that I noticed most about this design was the short chain stay length.  It seems like it might be tight getting clearance for that tire with such short stays.


Thanks so much.  This is a

Thanks so much.  This is a frame for Polo hence the short stays, which will need to have a bend and/or an inside indent.  I think I'll increase the FC to 580 to allow for any shoe type and perhaps go to a 73mm BB.  I've really enjoyed using Bikecad.



Hey Brent,

Hey Brent,


Any chance you could check the toe overlap on these two?  Same shoe size and crank combo.  It would be really appreciated, I hope to start the build this week on the Flinch 2.


Thanks again 



More toe overlap samples

Here are the results for two other designs.  Good luck with your project.

Toe overlap Toe overlap

Hi Brent,

Hi Brent,

Please could you describe CLTX for me?

What reference point on the shoe does CLTX 0 refer to?



Cleat position

CLTX refers to the horizontal displacement of the cleat relative to a point that is roughly the neutral position for the cleat.  However, be aware that there is no universal standard for locating the neutral position of the cleat.  Do not assume that if you set your cleat to the middle of its range of adjustment, that this equates to a CLTX dimension of 0mm.  Although that was the idea, there is just too much variation in shoe design to assume this is always the case. The best way to ensure accurate representation of cleat position is to display the Pedal spindle to toe dimension along with the Shoe length dimension.  Make sure that you've selected the shoe size that most accurately represents your actual shoe length.  Even though your actual shoe might be a size 42.5, it's possible that that might be best represented in BikeCAD by some slightly different size.  Next, measure your actual pedal spindle to toe dimension and then tweak CLTX until the Pedal spindle to toe measurement in BikeCAD agrees with your own measurement.

same problem here

Hello Brent, I've got the same problem


My shoe size is Euro 43 - Thank You!

Toe overlap

It's not going to be sustainable for me to do this for everyone.  So I'll post this one last image from the design by s.sential_things.  However, in the future, if anyone requires the additional functionality available in BikeCAD Pro, I hope they will consider supporting what I do here by purchasing the program.  BikeCAD Pro costs $350.  However, this is a one time fee.  As new versions of the program are released, all owners of BikeCAD Pro receive the new version for free.

maybe BikeCAD pro will be my

maybe BikeCAD pro will be my own christmas present for me this year.

How the purchase works for Germany? I don't have PayPal or a credit card. And do I have to pay aditional taxes/fee's for it?

Thanks for the image - seem's to be very narrow :/

BikeCAD Pro

For you, there won't be any additional taxes or fees associated with the purchase of BikeCAD Pro.  The only customers required to a pay a tax are those living in Canada.

Payment is simple if you have a Visa card, a Mastercard or a PayPal account.  If you currently have none of these options, it might still be worth looking into acquiring a PayPal account.  Failing that, you can e-mail me and we can arrange a bank transfer or money order.

I was also a bit surprised by the width of your tires.  They were specified with a width of 60mm.  Something you won't necessarily notice unless you check out the various auxiliary views available in BikeCAD Pro.

Hoping to have you as a customer one day.


the tires will be 57-584 ones

the tires will be 57-584 ones (Racing Ralph) - the solution for the chain stays will be something like this:




I also use the programm RattleCAD - it is very comfortable for planing the chain stays

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