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'Delete' does not return to 'My Designs' screen

From the 'My Designs' screen...

- select a design

- select edit

- select Delete

- confirm Delete (couldnt this be a pop-up dialog, not a separate screen?)

- after delete, the Home screen is displayed

... but I executed the Delete from 'My Designs', and that is where i expect to be returned to. 


Alternately, is there a faster way to delete one or more deisgns directly from the 'My Designs' main screen?

Deleting designs

Thanks for the feedback.  Based on your recommendations, I've changed things so that once you've deleted a design, you'll be returned to the My Designs page.

I regret that there isn't currently a convenient way to delete multiple designs at once.  However, I will strive to implement that option in the future.

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