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Frame Weight Estimation

I was thinking a cool feature would be a frame weight estimation tool. All of the tubing dimensions are already in the program, as well as the frame material. So maybe something can be done that calculates the tubing volume and multiplies it by the materiel density. Obviously there are different grades of frame material, so the option for the user to enter the material density would be useful as well.

Great program! Thanks!

Frame weight estimation

That is a good idea.  In addition to tube diameters, I do already account for the wall thickness at either end of the tubes.  However, I would also want to factor in the butting profiles to account for the weight savings gained from using thinner wall thicknesses along the midsections of the tubes.  I would also need to consider the weight of the dropouts and various braze-ons.  Something I will consider for a future update.

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