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Saddle - pedal



Is there any way to get the fit advisor to give a saddle hight based on a formula of the type 'Inseam * constant - crank length'?


This would vary the saddle to BB dimension as crank length changes.


All I can manage so far is 'Inseam * constant +- other body dimension'.




Saddle to pedal

That is currently, not an option. In the meantime, you might consider a couple alternatives:

If you are going to calculate crank length based on some combination of body dimensions, you could create a formula for saddle height as follows:

Saddle height = Inseam * constant - (same formula you used for calculating crank length)

The downside of this is that the calculated value for crank length may fall outside of the narrow range of lengths in which cranks are actually available. Considering this, you could just create a formula for saddle height that assumes a particular crank length. For example:

Saddle height = Inseam * constant - 172.5

You do after all have an additional constant that you could set to the crank length if you like.

Also, consider that there is no limit to the number of fit schemes you can create. You could create a separate fit scheme for each possible crank length.

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