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bottom up fixture numbers

Hi Brent & the forum, 

Currently I use a homemade frame fixture comprised of a few peices of 8020 in a bottom up style.  I have been using the linear dimension tool to set up my main triangle and would love to have these measures automated by the software.  I use the linear dimension X tool to make a measure from the center of the bb out the horizontal distance to where the steerer axis would intersect, and then use the linear dimension tool to run up the steerer axis to the bottom of the headtube.  These two measures along with head tube angle are how I set up my front end.  

Currently I feel its not very accurate as placing the linear dimension tool is a vauge affair, but it has worked so far.  It would be great to get this into the software.  

Thanks, Ken

Bottom up fixture numbers

If I've interpreted your description correctly, those dimensions are already available in BikeCAD Pro, just maybe not under the name you expected. To add the dimensions shown below, select Jig setup >> Head tube bottom (Henry James X) and Head tube bottom (Henry James Y).

Oh jeez I have been doing it

Oh jeez I have been doing it the hard way.... how did I miss that.  You are correct Brent, thats what I was looking for.  Thanks! Ken

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