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Dimensions for Sputnik Mitering system


Is there any provision for mitering with the Sputnik system? We have switched over to it. Before I describe how it works, maybe you can direct me to the already established dimension checkbox?



Dimensions for Sputnik Mitering System

Since a lot of dimensions are relevant to several different types of fixtures, I try to name dimensions as descriptively as possible and won't include names of fixtures in the name of the dimension unless a dimension seems to be truly unique to one fixture.

As a result, there is currently no Sputnik section in the Dimensions dialog box. If there are particular dimensions you're not finding among the available options, please create the missing dimensions using user dimensions and send me the resulting BCAD file so that I might either create the missing dimensions in a future update or tell you where you can find them in the current version of BikeCAD.

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