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Aspect Ratio on Laptop

Hi Brent,

Probably a simple question for you.  I recently bought a 17" laptop, running XP, so I can take Bikecad Pro on the road with me.  I bought XP because of another program that only runs on XP.  Anyway, all programs run in the correct aspect ratio, except Bikecad.  It's stretched out a bit.  What can I do to fix this?  

Thanks, Neil

Aspect ratio on laptop

Are you sure your other programs are being rendered in the correct aspect ratio, or is the distortion just less noticeable because those programs don't render geometric shapes? Let me know if the advice I posted at: bikecad.ca/comment/451#comment-451 doesn't resolve the issue.

Indeed, you are correct. The

Indeed, you are correct. The circle looks like the wheels in Bikecad.  Evidently, this was a bit of a problem with this screen when running XP.  I will hunt down the graphics card and fix it.  Thanks for a great program and customer service!

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