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Mitre templates for dropouts and bridges

There are a few additional mitre templates I would like to see in future versions of BikeCAD:

- Hooded dropout/CS junction

- Hooded dropout/SS junction

- Slotting templates for plate-style drop-outs. Slotting a curved cs or ss by hand with a dropout whose tab cannot be bent such as the paragon polydrop could possibly benefit from this.

- Brake and cs bridge 




Miter templates

Thanks for the suggestion. I have been meaning to add those templates. Unfortunately, I'm scrambling to finish another update before NAHBS. I'm not sure I'll be able to get it in the next update, but hopefully soon.


Mitre templates for dropouts and bridges

Hey there Brent, curious if this feature made it into the 12.0 ver/rel? If not can you ballpark a timeframe?  This will help me dial in my ss/cs mitres!  Thanks in advance. 

Mitre templates for dropouts and bridges

Unfortunately, I was not able to implement that in version 12. The complex shapes of some of these dropouts presents quite a challenge, so I don't want to speculate on when I'll be able to have this ready. However, I'm definitely mulling it over.

Can I please put in a 'bump'

Can I please put in a 'bump' on the bridge mitres?

Also if you offer a segmented fork design option, and a template for those too.

Thank You!

+1  :)

+1  :)

Is this likely to be in the

Is this likely to be in the new release? I was surprised to see the dropout mitres wasn't there when I printed all the templates. 


Dropout miters

Sorry. I was not able to get to this for the next update. Stays would not need to be mitered when attaching to plate style dropouts or socket style dropouts so this enhancement would only apply to hooded dropouts. If all hooded dropouts had a cylindrical profile, this would be a much simpler task. Unfortunately, many have very irregular shapes, which would require a different approach than the methods already employed for cylindrical, elliptical or conical tubes used through the rest of the frame.

Bridge miters.

Hi Brent, would it be possible to add bridge miters in the upcoming releases?

Also can you add a feature, where if the user wants to print only selected templates in one page, and not the other ones? For example: only the HT/DT junction template and maybe the chainstay in one page. I need not print 2 separate pages. Hope I'm clear in explaining!

It will really help!

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