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Help me enter frame size into Bikecad



I'm trying to enter this frame (size 63) into bikecad

See frame dimensions here:

The problem is that the frame in bikecad (http://www.bikecad.ca/applet?model=1394977711475) doesn't look like my bike. My bike has almost no slope, but the bike in bikecad clearly has some slope. So am I entering the wrong information or is the info on dimension chart wrong?




Help entering frame specs from catalog into BikeCAD

Unfortunately, the published specifications in the catalog above is not enough information to fully define the bike. However, it is possible to create a bike with the dimensions listed for the 63cm frame. In order to arrive at the model below, I played with the following dimensions that were not defined in the catalog: fork length, fork rake, bottom bracket drop, extension of head tube above top tube, and lower stack height. Of course, the combination of dimensions I chose below is not the only combination of dimensions that could have yielded the specifications in the catalog.

You can see this model at: bikecad.ca/139502686401.

Thanks a lot. I'll try to

Thanks a lot. I'll try to play a bit more with it :-)

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