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Step Through Frame

Hi Brent,

I'm trying to design a basic step-through frame, but having trouble.  In order to angle the top tube down and to intersect the seat tube at a lower point, I have tried increaseing the top tube/seat tube setback (in primary dimenstions), increasing the top tube angle, and then switching to front-center to shorten the head tube, none of which results in a workable design.  Can you give me a pointer?







I may have answered my own

I may have answered my own question -- it seems that setting the Seat Tube Length field to a "C-T" value instead of a "C-C" value allows the seat tube/top tube extension field to drop the angle of the top tube properly.


Also important to leave the

Also important to leave the primary dimensions set in "Front Center" mode to avoid collapsing the head tube...

Step through frame

I'm glad to hear you got it figured out. I've just created a video tutorial about this. You can see it at: bikecad.ca/step_through_frame. Also related to this is the video tutorial on Mixte bikes.

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