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Rotor Q Rings

What about the Rotor Q-Rings? A lot of people use them...





Rotor Q Rings

Thanks for the suggestion. One thing that is very powerful about BikeCAD is that all elements of a design are parametric. For example, you can change the number of teeth on the chainring to any size you need. The correct diameter will be calculated based on whether the drivetrain is belt or chain. Of course, this flexibility can be achieved because we assume the chainring is round. It would theoretically be possible to parametrically define the profile of a Rotor Q-Ring so that a variety of Rotor Q rings could be specified just as round chainrings can be specified now. However, I don't think that would be practical. Instead, I think the best approach would be to allow for Q Rings to be imported as static objects. This could be useful for other components as well. I will consider this for a future update.

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