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Printing BikeCAD

Hi, in the old BikeCAD (online version) I could print to pdf for nice clear image of the design.
Now when I try to print all I get is a 'BIKECAD' and some empty boxes on a white page.
Is there a way to print directly from the Java Applet? or have it included when I print?
I've tried it on Safari (when I can get the java to load!) and Firefox in Mac 10.7.1.
Thanks for this invaluable resource!

Printing BikeCAD

Printing has never been an option in the free version of BikeCAD. I can only speculate on how you would have done that before. Perhaps you used a PDF writer that was capable of printing the contents of whatever web page you were viewing?

Printing remains a simple operation in BikeCAD Pro. It would be great to have you as a customer.

Hi, I used to just print to

Hi, I used to just print to pdf in Safari with the built in mac pdf writer. BikeCADPro is on my wish list for sure. Thanks for the feedback.

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