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Rear Suspension

I would pay extra to have the ability to mock up a rear suspension similar to what Ventana has.

The ability to show pivot points and shock and tire clearance would be amazing...

Heck even just centerlines would be great...

as it is now I have to bring it over to autocad which is a real PITA!


Rear Suspension

Thanks for the suggestion. I will investigate adding that to a future update of BikeCAD.

rear shox

Has there been any developement on the rear end yet?

Rear suspension

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Rear suspension

Hi. Is there any update on this, in the meanwhile?

Dual suspension

Hi Brent.

I would also like to know if "dual suspension" is comming soon......


Nagyon jó

Nagyon jó

I'm also interested in this

Just wanted to throw my vote in here to see development in this area. 


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