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Configuration folders BikeCAD 11.5 for Mac Code signed

I've been avoiding 11.5 for the past several months because I can't seem to find the Configuration folder to update my components and templates.  I'm using a Mac and downloaded the code signed version in my downloads area.  Prior to this version, I had a folder in my "Applications" folder specific to the version of BikeCAD and a sub folder called "Configuration".  With 11.5 I can't find that folder.  As I'm building a few bikes concurrently, I've had separate instances of BikeCAD running (in different versions) and having to toggle my usual cut information has become somewhat annoying.  

What is it that I missed with this latest installation?





Configuration folder for BikeCAD version 11.5

When the move was made to code sign the app for version 11.5, it was necessary to locate the configuration folder in the Home directory. You should find it there under the name BikeCAD_11.5_configuration.

In the next update I'm planning for an option which would allow advanced users to place a hidden file in their home directory which would point to the location of the configuration folder. This would allow the user to store the configuration files wherever they want including on a network drive to be shared by other machines.

How to download BikeCAD

Help me download BikeCAD pro trail.


Downloading BikeCAD

Owners of BikeCAD Pro can download the program as described here. Meanwhile, the only thing I have to offer as a trial of BikeCAD Pro is the free version of BikeCAD which runs inside this website. You do not actually download it. You simply run it inside your web browser. There are a few ways to launch the free version of BikeCAD. They are each described at: bikecad.ca/launching.

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