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Print Full Size Bike

Just found this nifty site and its free. To print full size layouts of your bike:

1. Export bike as PDF, no scalling, remember where you save it. 

2. Go to the link below upload your pdf, after putting in your paper size. 

3. It will give you a link to view your new tiled PDF

4. Right click and choose "save as", remember where you save it.

5. Open your new file and print it, make sure you choose no scalling.

6. It does come with a watermark, but your demensions will be VERY accurate.

This will work with any printer.


Great for curved work. You can rough cut the paper, glue to your pattern, and cut or sand to the line. 




Jim W

Printing full scale drawing

This is good to know about. For the record, this functionality also exists in Adobe Reader.

Just choose to print using the Poster option as shown below.

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