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more dimensions available in Bikecad.ca

It seems like some design features are limited in order to prompt purchase of the full version. I my case, I am playing with geometry doing homework on a custom frame to be built by a pro.  I'm very interested in all fit and geometry measures, not at all interested in the mitering, etc. (that's the builders job...). It would be very nice to have access to measures such as handlebar drop and standover without paying for the full program.  I'd gladly pay a small fee for something with just a few more features than the free version.


As an aside, last fall I spent quite a bit of time on here, was able to get pretty close to the geo I wanted, which led to a very quick and efficient call with the builder and a great bike.

More dimensions in free version

There does seem to be a lot of interest in an intermediate version of BikeCAD somewhere between the free version and BikeCAD Pro. I will consider this in future developments. Some of you may have noticed that BikeCAD has been updated once again. While the new free version may not have too many extra dimensions, it does have new functionality such as the option to show shifters and a Pinion gearbox. You may need to clear your Java cache before the new free version of BikeCAD will load.

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