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Title block

How do I add rider info in title block?

Rider info in Title Block

Setting up the title block is described at: bikecad.ca/titleblock_dialog. That page describes how a customer's contact info could be added to the title block. The contact info is initially entered through the Notes dialog box shown below. The section highlighted in yellow shows where any additional information could also be added to the title block.

I assume when you ask about rider info, you may be referring to body geometry that may have been entered in the Fit advisor. There is currently no way to automatically display that in the title block. However, you could manually enter it in the text field shown above.

Title Block

Thanks a ton Brent. Is there a way for me to put my head tube logo in the dingbat files?

Head tube logo

That's something I have to add at my end. But if you send me a copy of your head tube logo in some vector based file format such as AI, SVG, EPS or PDF, I'd be happy to include your logo in the next update of BikeCAD.

Wojcik head tube logo

I've just added your head tube logo to the collection of dingbats. It is available now in BikeCAD version 11.72.

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