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Change a Language


I'd like to change language in BikeCad. I'm from Poland and the problem is that BikeCad automatically switches language to Polish. However it is translated using Google Translate so many words are just ridiculous and funny. I'd prefer using English - it would be more understanable.
Thanx for your help.


Changing Language

If you are using BikeCAD Pro, you can change the language as described here.

Unfortunately, the free version of BikeCAD does not have this option. Instead, the free version of BikeCAD sets the language based on the locale settings of your operating system. There are some guidelines for changing the locale of your operating system here. Unfortunately, this would switch the language on all of your applications, not just BikeCAD.

If you would be willing to correct the odd Polish term in the Polish language file, I would be grateful for any assistance you can offer. There is info on that here.

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