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Primary Dimension Changes

Hi Brent, I'm getting a bit confused, I've been playing around with a new 29er hardtail design. It all seems to work fine until I want to change fork length to see the differences. For example I might have things in at an AtoC of 470(80mm sagged) and ST/HT angles of 73/71. If I then alter the fork AtoC to 490mm I would expect to see the drawing rotate around the rear axle. So the angles slacken approx 1 degree, the BB drop shrink and the ETT and Reach numbers alter to reflect this. What actually happens is the front end just elongates upwards.

Is there something I need to do differently or is this to do with the primary dimensions being set and only alterable manually?....thanks....Al

Lock frame to observe effect of different forks on a bike

Hi Al,

You'll want to use the Lock frame tool for that. There's info on the Lock frame icon here.

Many thanks Brent, that works

Many thanks Brent, that works perfectly....Al

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