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"Round" tires on chain/seat stay views

Hi Brent !
Would it be possible to have a more realistic view of the tire in the top view (chainstay and seatstays views) ?
I guess in the wheel definition we could have a "diameter at the largest point" value. Then you would "just" have to draw half of an ellipse between the top of the tire and the two sides.
OK, it's always easier said than done, but it's really something that would help with touchy chainstay designs (short 29ers, snowbikes, etc...)

One thing that I would also like is a more "realistic" view of the dropouts. For example, when you enter the exact dimensions of a Paragon sliding dropout it gives something really ugly... That's OK for building, but it would be cool to have something nicer for the customers and to get a better idea of the look of the future frame...

Thanks !

Round profile tires in auxiliary views

Thanks for the suggestion. The next update of BikeCAD will allow for greater control of the tire profile. I will also see what can be done in the dropout department.

Tire profile

This functionality has just been added to BikeCAD version 8. You can see how it works here.

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