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Braze-ons: is there a way of adding them?

I'm sure this has already been discussed, so apologies if it has. However, I'm looking for a way of adding braze-on cable guides. Is this part of the package, or as something not intergral to the structure of the frame, not included in the package?


Although water bottle braze-ons are addressed, as well as down tube shift bosses and the top mount for a rear rack, there is currently no way to represent braze-ons for cable guides aside from creating an on-screen note. This is an enhancement I've been meaning to add for some time. I will get to that soon. Thanks for letting me know of your interest in this.


Hi Brent,

I am refering to your comment from 2015, that there is no means to add braze-ons aside from on-screen notes. I am looking for a way to document attachments for lowrider and front rack at a fork. Probably there is a way yet - but I did not find it... ?

Thanks for your support and many thanks,




Braze-ons for cable guides

I should add an addendum to what I said earlier. You can now model braze-ons for cable guides and internal cable routing as described at: bikecad.ca/cable_guides. Unfortunately, I did not add this functionality to forks which I now regret as you could have used the feature to represent rack mounts as well.

I would also like an extra

I would also like an extra type of braze on: M5. As we mainly use screw mounted cable guides.



M5 braze-ons

Thanks for letting me know of your interest in M5 braze-ons. I will consider that for a future update. In the meantime, I think my best recommendation would be to represent them using the cable guide feature. When using the hole for internal cable routing option within that dialog box, you can adjust the hole dimensions to be round like an M5 boss.

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