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Braze-ons: is there a way of adding them?

I'm sure this has already been discussed, so apologies if it has. However, I'm looking for a way of adding braze-on cable guides. Is this part of the package, or as something not intergral to the structure of the frame, not included in the package?


Although water bottle braze-ons are addressed, as well as down tube shift bosses and the top mount for a rear rack, there is currently no way to represent braze-ons for cable guides aside from creating an on-screen note. This is an enhancement I've been meaning to add for some time. I will get to that soon. Thanks for letting me know of your interest in this.


Hi Brent,

I am refering to your comment from 2015, that there is no means to add braze-ons aside from on-screen notes. I am looking for a way to document attachments for lowrider and front rack at a fork. Probably there is a way yet - but I did not find it... ?

Thanks for your support and many thanks,




Braze-ons for cable guides

I should add an addendum to what I said earlier. You can now model braze-ons for cable guides and internal cable routing as described at: bikecad.ca/cable_guides. Unfortunately, I did not add this functionality to forks which I now regret as you could have used the feature to represent rack mounts as well.

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