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Suspension fork dimension options

It's possible that I'm overlooking this, but I don't see anything in the custom fork (suspension) area that allows me to input the distance from the center of the steerer to the outside edge of the adjuster knob (down tube crash zone).  If it's truly not there, it would be most welcome.  Or even just to be able to display that measurement from the fields we already have (so we can tweak the drawings to get to that point) would be most welcom.  

I'm working on several frames right now that have forks that won't be released for another month and I'm definitely a tad stressed about this potential impact point.  

Thanks for all that you do Brent.  BikeCad makes all our jobs so much easier.

and just to add to that, if

and just to add to that, if it were possible to get a knob to down tube distance (like the tire to ST distance) that would also be much appreciated.

Suspension fork clearance

The center of the knob is located by dimensions A and B. The vertical position of the knob is set by dimension C. The diameter of the knob is set by dimension D. In the diagram, D is the diameter of the stanchion. However, for simplicity, the knob is assumed to be the same diameter as the stanchion.

This combination of dimensions is meant to define the edge of the adjuster knob. You can display the fork rotated such that the knob is as close to the down tube as it ever will be using the fork crown clearance option as described at: bikecad.ca/fork_crown_clearance. Note that the icon for fork crown clearance is now found in the Fork dialog box.

Thanks for the clarification,

Thanks for the clarification, Brett.  

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