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Can't Delete Linear Dimension Line

I'm not able to Hide or delete a linear dimension line that I created.  When I right clicked and selected "Hide" the dimension value was deleted but the line remains.  I can not select it to delete.  I've attached a screen shot with an on screen note to make the line easy to locate.  As the image shows the drawing is for a tandem I drew the line to measure the effective seat tube angle but then discovered this is already included in the included dimensions.


Dimension line

Could you please e-mail me a copy of the BCAD file for this model?

Angular dimension relative to horizontal

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. You've exposed a bug in BikeCAD version 12. If you create a user dimension to represent the angle between two points relative to horizontal, BikeCAD will create a line to connect those two points. When you choose to hide the dimension either by right clicking on it, or by unchecking the box shown in the dialog box below, BikeCAD will hide the numeric value of the dimension, but it will not hide the line.

I have corrected this in BikeCAD version 12.1. In your case, you really didn't want this dimension anyway. Therefore, the best solution is to delete the dimension as shown in the dialog box below.

Thanks, I was hoping there

Thanks, I was hoping there was a trick to delete that dimension!

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