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Eccentric BBs and linear SS/TT

Two things I'm having trouble modelling perfectly:

- Is there a way to model eccentric BBs? I can get the shell diameter correct, but can't work out how to get the BB axle ofset from the centre of the shell.

- I'm designing a frame where the seatstays and top tube will be in line, and want the seatstays to terminate on the side of the top tube, but the design goes wonky as the angle between seatstay and top tube approaches zero - I guess because it's still trying to terminate the tubes under the TT.

Neither are massive problems, just wondering if there's something I'm missing...

Eccentric BBs and aligned SS/TT

I have not yet implemented the option to represent an eccentric BB. My excuse for that thus far has been that in order to achieve the required chain tension, the BB spindle could end up in any location along the circular path offset from the center of the BB shell. The average of all these positions is simply the centre of the BB shell. Therefore, although the BB spindle will never actually be situated there, it seems reasonable to design the bike as if that's where the cranks will be. However, I can also appreciate that it would be nice to be able to illustrate the differences in effective seat angle when the crank spindle is all the way forward as opposed to all the way backward as well as showing what you might call the effective BB drop when the crank spindle is at the top of the arc as opposed to the bottom of the arc. For these reasons and just for the sake of accuracy, I will try to implement that option in the future.

As for the seat stays attaching to the top tube, I had not noticed that issue which occurs when non-wishbone stays are connected to the top tube at an angle that is aligned with the angle of the top tube. I will have to correct that as well. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Hi Brent, Sorry to dig up an

Hi Brent, Sorry to dig up an old thread but I'd also like to see this feature. I'm assuming the adjustment of the spindle position within the BB was never implemented? A simple x and y adjustment for the crank spindle center relative to the BB shell center would be greatly appreciated.

Great, thanks - and if you

Great, thanks - and if you get really bored it'd be nice to be able to model the Paragon chainstay yoke, but that's pretty specialist I think!

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