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changing the foot/pedal angle with respect to horizontal

Is it possible to change this angle? The Shoes form has a section on the right hand side - heel at highest and lowest, but its grayed out/ disabled.

Changing foot and pedal angle

Foot and crank relative position

Yes, it is possible to do this in BikeCAD Pro. I think it was just an unfortunate choice of colours for those controls that has caused you to think they are greyed out. For reference, I've placed a screen capture to the right. To move the shoe or the crank, simply click and drag on the circular section on the heel or the end of the crank. In this example, the heel is at its highest position when the crank is at about 11 o'clock. The heel is at its lowest position when the crank is at about 5 o'clock.

Thanks Brent. That's fixed my

Thanks Brent. That's fixed my problem. Along with the (similar) crank angle setting, maybe both of these settings could be entered as a numeric value or by dragging the graphic around? With the crank angle you can drag the icon & see the numeric angle, but if you want to set the angle to a precise value eg. 90 degrees, it would be far simpler just to type the value.

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