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bug changing from maximized to restored window size in Windows

to reproduce:
have a bikecadpro window about 1/2 the screen size
maximize the window
close BCP then reopen
the window is displayed maximized - correct
system menu > Restore - the window is still displayed close-to-maximized instead of 1/2 the screen size - bug - the incorrect window size was saved when the program exited

I've fixed this bug in my own C# program - if saving a maximized window you need to save the "RestoredSize" & "RestoredLocation" not the current "Size" & "Location" (C# properties not Java sorry).

Saving window sizes

Thanks for the feedback. As you've noticed, when you exit from BikeCAD Pro, the size and location of all the dialog boxes is saved along with the state of the dialog boxes (i.e. whether they are turned on or off). The way you describe BikeCAD Pro working is exactly how I intended it to work. Therefore, I wouldn't have considered it a bug. However, as you've pointed out, the main BikeCAD window can also be maximized, which is effectively the same as, but technically different than, simply dragging the window to the full width and height of the screen. It never occurred to me to store this bit of information as well. However, now that you've pointed it out, I do see the value in it. I will try to do as you suggest and save the "Restored size" and location of the main window along with whether or not it was maximized.

yes, as a fellow programmer I

yes, as a fellow programmer I was actually very impressed to see how much effort you'd gone to in saving/ restoring individual form locations & sizes

I think you understand my point, but to put it another way, if I have a maximized main window & I click Restore, but the main window just (from a users point of view) stays maximized, then its a bug, a minor bug I can live with, I'm sure there's lots more useful changes that are higher priority


Thanks again for the suggestion and the guidance. I actually just got that resolved a few moments ago. I'm happy with how things are working now and look forward to getting this new version released soon.

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